The Cytometry Society –  ByLaws for Elections to Offices

  1. The election will be held by postal ballot.
  2. The election will be held for the following posts of TCS executive committee members
        1. Vice President (Research) – One
        2. Vice President (Clinical) – One
        3. General Secretary (Research) – One
        4. General Secretary (Clinical) – One
        5. Joint Secretary – One
        6. Treasurer – One
        7. EC members – Four

    2.1. Amendment: The Executive Committee in its meeting held at AIIMS New Delhi on 25th October 2014 during

    Annual Conference of TCS in 2014, unanimously decided that the Vice-President (Clinical or Research by turns in

    alternative term of two years) would be ‘President-elect’ and will take over as President of TCS in the subsequent

    term for Two years. This decision of EC was ratified by the GBM in 2014 TCS meeting at AIIMS, New Delhi

    and was implemented with immediate effect. In the light of this amendment in the rules governing Bylaws for

    election of Executive Committee office bearers of the society, there would not be any election for the post of

    ‘President’ of TCS henceforth.

    3.The tenure of the new elected offices will be for two years.

    4.The Executive Committee will nominate a returning officer well in advance who will discharge his duties in confidential manner.

    5.The Executive Committee will Chalk-out the election schedule as detailed below.

          1. Nomination period
          2. Last date of receipt of nominations
          3. Withdrawal of nomination
          4. Last date of receipt of Withdrawal of nomination
          5. Issue of the postal ballot papers
          6. Last date of receipt of Ballot papers
          7. Counting of Votes
          8. Declaration of results by the Secretaries, TCS.

    6. The Secretaries and TCS Office will provide a list of valid members who are eligible to be elected as office bearers

    and cast the votes well in advance to the Returning officer.

    7. The Secretaries and TCS Office will inform all the members about the election schedule and invite nomination

    on behalf of the Returning Officer. The nominations will be received by the returning officer on the prescribed form.

    8. No person shall be eligible to be an office bearer of the Society unless he has been a Life member during the two preceding year.

    9. The candidate for the posts of Vice President (Clinical) and General Secretary (Clinical) must be actively engaged in clinical research.

    10. No person shall be eligible to cast the vote unless he has been a Life member during the preceding one year.

    11. The nominations shall be duly proposed and seconded by a Life Member of the Society on the prescribed application form

    supplied by the Secretaries / TCS Office. The approval of the nominee is to be obtained by the member nominating.

    12.  A life member can nominate only one candidate for any of the offices and second only one other candidate for any other

    office except for which the nomination has been made.

    13. The Returning officer will inform the Secretaries about the valid nominations immediately after the

    last date. The reasons of rejection of the nomination, if any, should be recorded by the Returning


    14. The Executive committee shall have the power to admit the nomination or refuse admission.

    15. If no nomination is received for any office, the Executive Committee shall be empowered to


    16. The final list of eligible candidates will be communicated to the Returning officer by the

    Secretaries / TCS Office.

    17. The Secretary/ TCS Office on behalf of the Returning officer will communicate the “list of valid

    candidates” to all the candidates and ask for withdrawal of nomination, if any.

    The withdrawals will be received by the Returning Officer.

    18. The Returning Officer will inform the Secretaries the “list of eligible candidates contesting the elections”.

    19. Secretaries / TCS Office will prepare the ballot papers (one for each post) and will send to

    members (in double envelope system) eligible to cast their votes. The votes will be received by the

    Returning officer.

    20. The votes will be counted by a committee of three persons (Returning officer and 2 more members

    approved by the EC in advance) and the results will be communicated to the Secretaries.

    21. The results will be declared by the Secretaries.

    22. In the event of a vacancy arising after the election, the President in consultation with the

    Executive Committee shall have powers to fill the vacancy from amongst the members of the Society

    till the next election.

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