Credit Points - 4 (Conference) / 1 (Workshop)

Important Dates

WeLcome to Hyderabad, The City of Pearls

14th TCS Annual Conference & Workshop - 2022

Theme: Level Next Flowcytometry

Date: 15th & 16th October 2022 | Venue: University of Hyderabad

Flowcytometry is a versatile technology used for multiple clinical and research applications. With the passing time, the technology is advancing rapidly with addition of newer dimensions - instrumentation, antibodies, applications, and technology itself. Keeping pace with the growing knowledge is the need of the hour. Realtime interaction with esteemed faculty, peers and friends has an impact that is enriching and incomparable to a virtual meet. The last couple of years were quite challenging for the whole world and had kept us in abeyance. This year Hyderabad takes the opportunity of inviting one and all to the 14th The Cytometry Society Annual Conference and Workshops, the first in-person major flowcytometry meeting in India after the pandemic.

Be it an expert or a beginner or researcher, there is enough opportunity for each one to learn through multiple arrays of workshops and the topics in the conference. The focus areas for the clinical experts would be on the MRD analysis in acute myeloid leukemias, Plasma cell dyscrasias, PNH and many others. For the novice, there would be workshops and lectures focusing on the basics of technology, analysis, approach to diagnosis of leukemias, and lymphomas, and Primary immune deficiency disorders. Hands-on workshops in sorting along with many more would be a treat for the researchers. Introduction to novel techniques as Immuno-flow FISH brings a new dimension both to the clinical practitioners and research scientists.

We hope that this meeting would make you gain the pearls of wisdom and flow to the level next.


Dr. Manu Goyal

M.D., D.N.B. (Pathology), SCYM (ASCPi)CM

Organizing Chairperson

Dr. Ayeesha Shaikh

M.D. (Pathology)

Organizing Secretary (Clinical)

Dr. Radheshyam Maurya


Organizing Secretary (Research)

Dr. R.S. Tapadia

M.D. (Pathology), D.C.P.


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Conference Highlights

  • MRD measurement by Flowcytometry in AML
  • Flow cytometry in the diagnosis of Plasma celL dyscrasias
  • Imaging flow cytometry for chromosome detection in blood cancers
  • Flow cytometry in the era of Targeted therapy to monitor MRD
  • What is new in WHO 2022 classification of hematolymphoid neoplasms?

(13th & 14th October 2022)


Date Category Title/ Topic/ Theme
13th October, 2022 CLINICAL - GENERAL Basics of Flowcytometry and Diagnostic Approach to Leukemias and Lymphomas View more
13th October, 2022 CLINICAL - ADVANCED Flowcytometry for assessment of Minimal residual disease in B-lymphoblastic Leukaemia View more
14th October, 2022 BASIC RESEARCH Application of flow sorting for basic research View more
14th October, 2022 BASIC RESEARCH Flow cytometry on Solid tissues for Quantification of Tumour associated macrophages by FACS View more
14th October, 2022 BASIC RESEARCH Application of FACS analyser in Immuno-phenotyping, Cell cycle and apoptosis View more
14th October, 2022 CLINICAL - GENERAL Flow Cytometry in the diagnosis of Non-malignant Hematologic Disorders- (PNH, Hereditary spherocytosis and Platelet disorders) View more
14th October, 2022 CLINICAL - ADVANCED Flow cytometric Analysis of MRD in Acute Myeloid Leukemias View more
14th October, 2022 CLINICAL - GENERAL Application of Flow Cytometry in Organ Transplant View more