Workshops & Conferences

CME-2018/CCEN 7th Practical Clinical Cytometry Course

INTRODUCTION The International Clinical Cytometry Society and the European Society for Clinical Cell Analysis is proud to announce our 7th collaborative practical course focusing on clinical cytometry. The course will take place at Tata Memorial Hospital. We welcome... read more

CME in Immunology and TCS-PGI-FCM Workshop on Stem Cell

INTRODUCTION We are pleased to inform you that CME in Immunology and TCS-PGI-FCM Workshop on Stem Cell is being organized at the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) Chandigarh-India from 11-13 Sept., 2017. This is being hosted by the... read more

Advanced TCS Flow Cytometry Workshop on MRD-2017

The Cytometry Society (TCS) is conducting a four-day training course ‘8th Advanced TCS Flow CytometryWorkshop on Minimal Residual Disease’ Delhi-NCR region from April 26-29, 2017. The program would includetraining in Minimal residual disease for B-ALL, T-ALL, AML and... read more