Lab Modules (LM) 3 – 4 HR EACH

  1. LM-1. Cell Cycle, Proliferation and Apotosis
  2. LM-2. Mesenchymal Stem Cells Analysis
  3. LM-3.Make your own cytometer wet lab
  4. LM-4 Single Cell genomics
  5. LM-5.Monitoring of Oxidative Stress
  6. LM-6. Cell Sorting
  7. LM -7. Data Analysis
  8. LM -8. Multicolour flowcytometry


  1. H Krishnamurthy, R. Gaur
  2. V. Tanavde
  3. Bill Telford
  4. Anis Larbi
  5. Swapnil Walke
  6. H. Agrawal
  7. Ubaldo Barbosa

Technical session (TM) 1-2 H each

  1. TM-1. Make your own cytometer
  2. TM-2. Compensation in Multicolor Flow Cytometry


  1. Bill Telford, H Krishnamurthy
  2. H. Agrawal

Clinical Lab Modules – Workshop delegates may register for any one of the 3 parallel workshops

Clinical Lab Modules at RCC – 2 days each workshop

  1. LM-9. Beginners workshop: Acute leukemia and CLPD by flow
  2. LM-10. Advanced workshop: Minimal residual disease- B-ALL and AML
  3. LM-11. Technical Wet Workshop


  1. Dr. Ritu Gupta. Dr. Anil Handoo , Dr Tina Dadu , Dr Sanjeev.K .Gupta
  2. Dr Brent Wood, Dr Sindhu Cherian, Dr Kunal Sehgal, Dr Prashanth Tembhare, Dr PG Subramanian
  3. Mr Sitaram, Mr Badrinath Y

Clinical Technical sessions-Workshop delegates can attend all of them including TM1 and TM2

Clinical Technical sessions at AMC & RCC

  1. TM-3. Lymph node flowcytometry session
  2. TM-4. Challenging flow cytometry cases on Lymphomas and Leukemias -slide session
  3. TM-5. Lecture on ‘Clinical Applications of Flow Cytometry’
  4. TM-6 Lecture on ‘WHO Update on Leukemias’
  5. TM-7 Lecture on ‘Flow cytometry in Myelomas’
  6. TM-8 Lecture on WHO Update on Lymphomas


  1. Dr Brent Wood , Dr Sindhu Cherian
  2. Dr P.G Subramanian
  3. Dr Sumeet Gujral
  4. Dr Jayasudha A V
  5. Dr PrashanthTembhare
  6. Dr Priya Mary Jacob