Annual TCS Meeting 28th -31st October, Trivandrum, India

October 30th,2017 -Advanced Clinical Workshop

9 to 10:30am Auditorium, Regional Cancer Centre, Thiruvananthapuram –
Common talks for participants of Technical , Basic and advanced workshops

10:30am to 6pm – Advanced workshop participants only
Conference Hall , Regional Cancer Centre, Thiruvananthapuram

Theme for the day: B-ALL Minimal Residual disease

9 to 9:30 am Lecture on ‘Clinical Applications of Flow Cytometry’ by DrSumeetGujral
9:30 to 10 am Lecture on ‘WHO Update on Leukemias’ by DrJayasudha A V
10 to 10:30 am Tea
10 to 11 am Haematogones and Normal Patterns in B-ALL MRD- Kunal Sehgal
11 to 1 pm Approach to B-ALL MRD and live case analyses – Dr Sindhu Cherian
1 to 2 pm Lunch
2 to 3 pm Advances in B-ALL MRD- Dr Brent Wood
3 to 5 pm Interesting B- MRD cases – Indian faculty from different institutes
5 to 5:30 pm Next Generation Flow –Challenges and Artifacts – DrPrashantTembhare