CME-2018/CCEN 7th Practical Clinical Cytometry Course


The International Clinical Cytometry Society and the European Society for Clinical Cell Analysis is proud to announce our 7th collaborative practical course focusing on clinical cytometry. The course will take place at Tata Memorial Hospital. We welcome you to take part in this unique course offering that will focus on practical, hands-on, clinical flow cytometry education in a small group format using a combination of wet and dry labs. Content will focus on both basic fundamentals, as well as, specific clinical application.


The CCEN courses are designed for practitioners of all levels of experience who perform clinical flow cytometry assays including staff technologists, supervisors, and pathologists. The class sizes are kept small to facilitate interactive learning around topics such as lymphoma and leukemia panel analysis and interpretation using actual list mode files and case studies with lectures taught by faculty from around the world.

CCEN Course Modules (Apr 5-7,2018)

  1. Introduction to Clinical Flow Cytometry

  2. Chronic Lymphoid Disorders (T&B cell)

  3. Myeloma MRD

  4. Acute Leukemias

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CME Modules (Apr 8th 2018)

  1. Flow Cytometry Instrumentation & Quality Control Measures

  2. B Maturation

  3. Hematopoietic Stem Cells

  4. MRD analysis in MM

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  • Fiona Craig

  • Paul Wallace

  • Sindhu Cherian

  • Y. Badrinath

  • Bruce Greig

  • Manisha Madkaikar

  • PG Subramanian

  • Prashant Tembhare

  • Nikhil Patkar


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