About Society


Cytometry is a rapidly growing powerful technique used in basic and clinical research as well as in diagnostic laboratories. Cytometry offers great opportunities to the scientists in translational and applied research and provides diagnostic and therapeutic tools to the clinician.

However, cytometry is in its infancy in India with infrequent attempts to promote organized training and Knowledge dissemination. Therefore, there was a great need for the professionals in this field to join hands and form common platform which would facilitate fulfillment for their objectives.

The Cytometry Society (TCS) was borne out of this realization on September 16, 2005 with its registered office at Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology, Hyderabad, India.


  • Provide a professional forum for sharing of scientific information in Cytometry.

  • Integrate various professional interests in cytometry in a common stream.

  • Organize and conduct educational programmes in cytometry suitable for different levels of research and diagnostic laboratories.

  • Act as a interface between the scientific community engaged in cytometry in India and International professional bodies in cytometry.

  • Represent the interests of professional engaged in cytometry at all local, state level and national bodies, both government and non – government.

  • Act as the nomination body for award of scholarships and travel grants to students, scientists and laboratory physicians.

  • Publish scientific information in cytometry, as News Letters in the beginning and later on, as an official journal.

  • Protect the interests of users of cytometry equipment and reagents.